24 November 2014

Holiday Happenings & Thanksgiving Buffet Date Night

Monday is here. Last week sped by. I had quite a few appointments last week and a couple of very unexpected situations to manage. I'm looking forward to a nice, long Thanksgiving break. The holiday season is here!

Our Christmas tree is up. We had a very nice time decorating it. I am learning this year that 8-year-olds are at an age where they are ready to get fully involved in all the decorating, trimming and creating for the holidays. The Bug has been blissful working together with me to make our home holiday beautiful.

Last year we didn't get many of our best holiday decorations from storage, so we had to make do on a lighter scale. This year, everything is here and I am inclined to use every bit of it and decorate every inch of our home. Tops of bookcases and dressers, window sills, any nice open space I can find. I decided we will decorate our front entry lemon tree this year. Twinkle lights could be quite beautiful on it.

We've also watched a couple of really awful holiday romantic movies from Netflix this week. These make the cheesy but lovable movies on Lifetime seem like Academy Award nominees. But it cracks me up to sit and watch with The Bug and look at each other like "This is completely insane. Are you seeing this cheesiness?!!?!?"

There are many more to chose from and hopefully our quality is going to raise up to Hallmark standards rather than twenty steps below that where we are right now. Hard to believe that people would even make some of these movies without complete embarrassment.

Our Thanksgiving celebration hasn't really taken off this year. It will be just me and The Man this holiday. We still haven't decided where we're even going to be, let along what we're doing for the meal. I suppose we'll make a decision sometime. Haha. Not forcing a plan at this point feels pretty good. I'd still love to cook a meal but if we're not home, that's not an option.

Update: today I did some research on some pretty fabulous places on the water where The Man and I can get very reasonable reservations for two for the Thanksgiving dinner buffet. It's starting to sound pretty lovely - Thanksgiving buffet date night - I'm liking the sound of it. Now I just need to coordinate with him on options.

I always loved that even if we didn't have Thanksgiving at our house, my mom still got a turkey and cooked it up along with some stuffing and pies so we had some "leftovers" to enjoy. I might do that next week...or not. We'll see how that goes.

Hope your holiday is already off to a peaceful and relaxing start. Hard to believe that by the end of this week we'll be fully into the Christmas season. Where did 2014 go?

20 November 2014

Dear Pinterest: Two New Features I Would Love

Dear Pinterest,

First, thank you for the life-changing amount of inspiration and learning you have brought to my life. I could go on and on about what a great friend you've been when I need a recipe, ideas about what to wear or a quick self-help check up. Thank you. The reason I am writing you today is that there are two features I would really love to see you add to the site that would make managing my boards a little easier.

I'm sending these out to the world as a little Christmas wish list. Maybe somehow you will see this letter and put a couple of surprises under my Christmas tree. I can hope, right?

1. On my personal page, where I can see and manage all my boards and covers, I would love to be able to see how many followers I have on each board. Maybe just a little number down in a corner somewhere. As it stands now, to see how many followers I have on each board, I have to open up each one individually.

2. I would love to be able to be able to move large quantities of pins to another board easily. For instance, at some point it makes a lot of sense to divide up a board that has gotten really big into two or more smaller, more narrowly defined boards. I'd love to break up my comfort food board into main dishes, side dishes and desserts.

But the idea of taking the time to do that one pin at a time in torturous. If I could go down the board and quickly click which ones I wanted to move and then just click "move to" then highlight a different board I would be ever so happy. Plus I would have simplified, more organized, follower-friendly boards.

I've been wishing for these two features for a while and I hope that someday soon they will find their way into the Pinterest software. Until then, thanks for all the fun you've brought into the world.


Dear kalanicut readers, do you have any other Pinterest features you'd love to see added. Is there something you have wished you could do for a while now? Leave a note in the comments and maybe we can make something happen.


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