15 December 2014

Now Is My Time #55: Let Go & Let God

In the fall of last year, I determined that 2014 would be the year of "Now Is My Time" after several years of being quite overdrawn in family commitments, deployment and health issues. It was time to make my number one priority my own health and well-being.

It has been quite a journey, filled to highs and lows, new realizations and old habits and mindsets to escape from and destroy. This is nothing new, it is life, but taking a more focused approach to living my best life has been a fantastic experience.

As I was thinking about how I wanted to wrap up this year, I began thinking about all the things that had changed for the better this year. Then I wondered what I do with the things that I can't force to change. There are things in life we have little control over, such as the actions of others, events that are forced upon us and things that just aren't bound to change just because we want them too.

We can let these things keep eating at us or we can find a way to distance ourselves from the stress, anxiety, frustration and sadness these things can bring at us. Once we have done whatever good we can do, we have to find a way to stop our suffering and live in peace with the things we cannot change.

I have always thought of these things as rocks we pick up by our own choice or experiences that come to us and they get put in our "life backpacks" and we carry them around with us every day. They weigh us down, tire our backs, discourage us and often we just keep carrying and carrying them with no relief.

So I decided that at the end of this year I needed to come up with a way to let go of things I could not changed that continue to create pain and suffering in my life. I am ready to yank these rocks out of my life backpack and leave them on the side of the road for God to take care of.

These were things I could not just "goal set" away. As I take a look back, and account for what I tried to accomplish, what successes I had and what I've learned that I can carry forward with me, there is still a list of things I can't change.

The idea of Let Go and Let God came to me and I decided to create a small jar with a picture of Jesus on it...and perhaps even decorate it a bit with some gold "miraculous" glitter for good measure. Then in this jar on small strips of paper I will write each one of the rocks in my life backpack that I want to remove and then symbolically remove them and place it in the jar.

No more will it burden me, and I will have to have the faith to let God take that for me and heal me from the tiredness and frustration of carrying that rock around and suffering under weight I no longer need to suffer from.

I've been keeping a few notes and am looking forward to taking some time for myself during the holidays (yes, it's still my time and I still need to make time for me, haha) to end the year by giving to God what I don't need to carry anymore. I think this will give me a nice clean slate to work from going into the new year. I'm excited to start a new year and raise the banner on my new mantra for 2015.

Do you have a few rocks you'd like to remove from your life backpack as this year comes to a close? What would that look like for you? How would that change how you feel about your life?

12 December 2014

Perfectly Baked Infant & Toddler Apparel

Hi Friends, it's been a super busy week with some very unexpected surprises. December is usually a month where things slow down, but no, not here. I have been looking forward to a chance to tell you all about my friend Adeline's new project with her business partner Mikki, Perfectly Baked Apparel for infants and toddlers.

I thought I'd let them tell their story. Here it is.

Mikki Hanna and Adeline Bretoneche started their journey back in 2003 when they met at Miami International University of Art and Design, while studying fashion merchandising. They immediately connected and their talents complimented each other on their favorite projects, which included styling for photo shoots and producing fashion shows.

After graduating, both embarked on their own fashion/retail careers. Unbeknownst to each other, they had both moved to Los Angeles for their careers and began raising their families. It wasn’t until years later they reunited again and the idea of working together came naturally. Mikki and Adeline have over 30 years of retail experience combined and they realized it was time to branch out on their own while juggling motherhood.

And so the idea of Perfectly Baked was born. The name of their clothing business was inspired by an afternoon chat where they both agreed all “buns in the oven” were baked to perfection, hence the name. They quickly began to build an empire in their minds and worked hard to see it come to life.

Their inspirations for colors, materials, and designs are bright and fun due to their multicultural backgrounds, Mikki being Jamaican-Middle Eastern and raised in Miami while Adeline being Swedish-Peruvian and raised in Spain. With their own kids in mind, they aimed for patterns that would make kids smile as well as feel comfortable while doing what they do best: being kids. 

You can see Adeline and Mikki's entire line at their Perfectly Baked Apparel shop. It so fun to look at their catalog and see the sweet faces of quite a few little friends modeling. Here are a few more favorites from their line.

There are all sorts of fun robots, warm colors and the quality of the cotton is of the highest order. This is a line that is designed by moms to last rugged wear and tear and lots of washings, so they are a great investment too.

Love this little cutie. Seriously can't get enough of him. I love the care for quality in each design, you can almost feel it in the photos. The little details in contrasting seams and snaps are so clearly well thought out.

Please do check out their line for your little kiddos and for gifts for all your mom-to-be friends and all the babies and toddlers you know. I think you'll be very pleased. I have seen the heart and soul that has gone into this line and I am so excited to introduce it and Adeline and Mikki to you. Have some fun shopping.

I'm looking forward to what comes in 2015 from these talented gals. You can connect with Perfectly Baked Apparel on all the social media networks. Here are easy links for you.



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